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Well, I am continuing on.  Some of this might be... weird and out of place.


As Mark and Tia were reminiscing the days from their past a thought crossed his mind. "Tia, what did Luna do on the moon?"

Unable to meet his stare, she stared off into the distance with her eyes narrowing, "She slept, I didn't take her ability to sleep. I don't know how but she slept for nearly a thousand years."

"Tia, I can tell you are lying, you can't even look me in the eye. What did she do?"

She slowly stared at his eyes, but was looking through them into nothingness, and she kept her narrowed gaze, "She slept."

"Tia, What the bloody heck did she do that makes you so ashamed?" With that Celestia burst into tears and ran into her castle and retrieved a book that was hidden. She through it at him, and cried in a corner of the balcony they stood upon. He open the small book and flipped it, page from page, inspecting everything in it. "What the heck." He was stunned by what he was reading. He read a descent into insanity. "Why did you do..." He then began to read Celestia's notes in the back of of the book. "Crap, does she remember anything?" The goddess could only shake her head no, "That won't do, we... actually, I will have to tell her." Celestia look at him with a curiosity, but she was still choked in tears. "First, you must agree to something and she must do the same. She underwent one of the tests to become a Juggernaut. Ever wonder why there are only 2000 of us instead of 2 million? That is why, most people kill themselves instead of building their own paradise in the darkness."

She could have broken the spell against her magic in time, but it would have taken too long. I can teach her how to cope with the feelings of blood lust, betrayal and anger. I need your permission first, I will not force anything upon another without full consent." Celestia only nodded her head, what choice did she have? Waiting until Luna finally broke the memory spell and destroyed the world, that would be too hard for her to cope with.

Luna was in her quarters fast asleep, she could only sleep during the day. She was startled awake by a gentle shaking. "Sister, why hast thou awoken me?"

"Sister, Angel has a question for you."

"Luna, you have forgotten memories in your mind that will cause more destruction than you can ever comprehend. I can help you deal with them because they were formed by a similar test as every Juggernaut must go through. I need your permission to continue with these activities to help you.

They will be in a world where a summers breeze goes faster than light does here. It is sped up beyond any reason. What you see, what you do, and how you act doing this training will determine how well you will be around others. Hopefully we can contain what we unleash but if not, I have a much more powerful memory spell, but you may forget everything. Do you agree to this test, this training, this torture?"

"Why, my Star Sprite, would I not trust thou? Thine deeds have always been of pure heart and mind, We accept this offer."

"Why? Because you will see the horrors that had made boys die, men lose sight and kill themselves, heroes cry and go into a true depression. Only the legends have become Juggernauts. I will ask one more time to be sure. Answer yes or no, do you want to continue?"


With that last word, they vanished into a dark void. "Here, Luna, a day lasts what the other would call an atomic second. The amount of time it takes for an electron to orbit an atom. Here we begin with your memories." With that he held up his hand and forced the spell broken that had sealed her mind. She lunged at him in an instant, biting into his arm. Tasting blood once again and then his arm just came off. "If you are going to do that, at least make it worth while to you. You can give life and light as well as darkness. Your magic is not blocked here, in fact it can be expanded. Let my arm fall to the dark plate upon which we stand and let it become a place for plants, something that you can eat and use."

With that, she did it, and then lightning struck out at him. It did nothing to him, but where his right arm had been before being pulled from its place, a mechanical one was taking form. "With this is your first lesson. Life, is only a matter of will."

"How can I be sure you aren't a figment of my mind as the voices are." With that, he grabbed her by the muzzle, crushed her jaw, and threw here two hundred yards away with his robotic arm. He then appeared next to her, forced her jaw into place and fused the bones back together.

"Is that enough proof?"


"One, watch your language, you have been around Chaos far too much lately. Two, that wouldn't have given you the full experience of pain. You can't dismiss what I have done, now make this place bright."

"What? You mean like a candle?"

"What ever you can, this world grants certain powers unto those who visit it. One of which is creation. It does this by already being dead, all it is now is loose matter waiting to be reformed, now make some form of light." With that, Luna focused and a small flickering candle appeared before Mark. "Now, make a pot, then fill it with dirt and make a seed of whatever you like best."


"Don't ask, just do it." With that, Luna strained. It seemed as though hours were going by. The voices in her head demanded that she attack Mark, but she knew what he would do to her. He could have nearly killed her just earlier that day... or at least it felt like a day. She began to notice a small line of red clay forming the base of the pot and then the rest just came into being. She imaged the dirt and it came as did the rose seeds.

"Now that you can create, can you breath life? Make the plant grow, speed it up to years far beyond its own." She rolled her eyes and focused her magic, and she noticed something. She was no longer using her horn to focus her magic, in just a few short hours or a day, she broke her dependence on it. She imaged the rose bush growing and budding and it did, right before her eyes. She was amazed, with all of the chaos of her mind, she was able to think things into life.

"Now, you must learn to breath life, just as you can breath death." He took a rose bud and let a breath roll onto it and it opened up to reveal a monarch butterfly. "Once that is learned, you may begin to combat your insanity. Although you must be careful, too much life can beget death." He let out another breath upon the flower and it wilted and turned to dust. "It will take time, but you will learn how to control your mind, but to control yourself, you must control everything around you. Look at my right arm, it is now robotic since you took my real one. I should only have one right? No, I learned the lesson of control long before and realized that I need to be whole to complete my tasks, but it does not matter how you look when you are whole."

"Wait, so you are saying that I can be like you just through controlling life? Is that all you do, is control life? I have moved the stars themselves, your power is little to me then Sprite, and as I have moved the stars, I shall move you."

"Another lesson I learned with in the first month, the voices lie. In addition, it is not only life, it is everything." He held out his hand as a small star appeared in it. It soon imploded into a black hole that disintegrated into nothingness. "We control the vary planes that cause your existence. I am teaching you of them as well."

"So be it." Luna then let out a breath and created a small farm. She let out a breath and nothing happened. She focused on the breath, seeding it with what gives her body life and let it free. The field sprouted into a lake of grains.

"Good, now keep trying until you no longer need to focus. Then I will show you how to become immortal so as not to worry about giving your life away in just a shallow breath." Mark then fell backwards into a recliner that just appeared behind him, and put his feet up. "Oh, and it has been a year here. You take a bit too learn, only about a nano second at home."

Before she began again, she made a clock. Hoping it was accurate, she could now keep track of how long she had be imprisoned with this hated creature. "Haven't you ever loved and been betrayed? Why can't you just let me be?" She began to try to let her breath give life again, to take the field into ashes and start anew.

"Yes, I loved once and when I became a Juggernaut, they tried to kill me. If I hadn't taken the tests and passed, she would have succeeded. You have no clue what it is like to see the one that you have always loved give their life to end you and your the one to take it away. It is an image that never leaves you. And I can't just leave you be, because of the destruction you would cause. I would have to come in, or chaos, or maybe even Marceau, and whomever came would have to kill you. Most sentient life would be destroyed as well."

A little exhausted from trying to breath life again, see said in small wheezes, "Even if I promise not to hurt anyone." She began again and saw a small circle around her die.

"Luna, we both know that's a lie, and you clock's slow. It hasn't been a day, it's been 3."

"Mark, shut up, I am trying at least right?"

"Yup and notice what you said, the voices are slipping aren't they. The memories will forever haunt you, as mine do but you will regain your mind. Just keep focused on something. You lost focus over almost a thousand years. It is going to take some time to get it back. Before we continue, are you willing to walk the path of gods, go on for the ride?"

"I don't have a choice anymore, I have been given a gift I can't give back."

"Good, since you want to over do life, try breathing death without a thought about it." With that, Luna's next breath caused the entire field to turn to mush. She let out a squeal and looked like a filly again. Mark couldn't help but smirk, he was brought back to the shadow war, when he had to protect her.

'Now, just let out the same breath, but to their seeds, bring them back." Luna did as he asked, with a smile and determined look. The crops all rose again. She felt as though it had been a thousand years but it had only been nearly a year. "Let me teach you of true immortality. It is a lonely road, most everyone one you know will die, even Tia will parish given enough time. You have aged nearly a hundred centuries from all of your life that you gave, and now you only have another fifty left."

"But if I have fifty, how can I outlive sister? She is stronger than me, unless I let my rage get the best of me, she must surely already know how."

"You forget who you are talking to, I have seen an entire universe go from the beginning to the end, it was in fact this one. I saw a race of human, ponies and some other random species go between the worlds. I saw them fight, ally and conquer one anther. Do you remember my tales to you of Starswirl the Bearded?"

"How could I forget him, he made time travel, teleportation, defensive and personality altering magic. The records of the libraries only show time related magic, but it is greater. Why do you ask Mark?"

"Because he was an old friend. I was hoping that he may never be forgotten in others like you." He looked at his hand, it's fingers still felt unfamiliar. Even after thousands upon thousands of years, he yearned for his old body. "Now, create a star. I have to check up with the rely outpost here." She went along happily, focusing to create a ball of gas, light and radiation. He sent out a single message, "Can't I go back to normal, Memory? It won't harm anyone, it can only help."

He turned around to a almost exploding Luna as a star had been born, "Bet you can't make the planets faster."

With in a year the system looked that of the star named Sol. "Now to the third one. Here you can breath normally, its atmosphere is rich of carbon dioxide and oxygen right now. Let of a breath of life but force it back into you. You will find that the truer a breath is, the more life it gives compared to the amount it takes. Just exhale and immediately inhale."

Luna did this and she felt her body convulse, and shake. She felt as though she had another century of life to her own. "Why is it so painful, if it gives life then why does it hurt?"

"Let me give you a quote from a great wizard code-named death strike, 'Life is a bitch, ride her like one.' Use that to define it, it hurts because life doesn't like anyone, but you can still ride through life like she rides you."

"Oh, you can curse but I can't"

"Only for a qu..." He received a message from the outpost, 'You can but you will be watched.' "Luna, I will be leaving you on your own for this next part, someone has demanded me in another area."

"WHAT? I DON'T WANT TO BE ALONE AGAIN!!!" She yelled and then recoiled and blushed. "I am sorry, you need to do what needs to be done."

"It is okay, but first I must see you do something. Breath life into this world. Bring it into life and guide it through its journey. Sadly, I have seeded it with a life that will destroy itself because it cannot explore a universe that doesn't exist. Would you do that for me, I will be back when they are nearing the end."

Luna backed away and gave out a sigh that caused the world to become blue and green, "Yes, I can. I will... miss you."

"I will make it as short as I can."

The world was slow, it seemed as though see was lonely for days, then see say a strange little wonder. A crab had made its way out of the sea. She went to go see it and saw thousands of others. She had created them, just as the grass and oceans. Luna let out a breath and caused them to evolve. They began to speak but she couldn't understand them. She focused one where their brains might have been and she heard them. She heard a universal language, she heard their thoughts. They wanted to to build a city but couldn't.

She stared at the small hill before the and slammed her hoof against the ground and the entire hill fell into a walled village. It had water, and farms inside and was already furnished with what she thought they would use. She sent a thought out among them to follow her, and they all did. The followed the stars of her mane and tail into the walled town. They had a home because of her. She made it with a thought. All was well, they loved the housing, they farmed and they were sentient. She wasn't alone but she was. Luna felt her mind slipping at times, there was no one to share it with.

This went on for another year and she found herself attached to the crabs, then she found out a second species was made from the breath. It was discovered from a cannon that fired a round right through her wall. It destroyed the housing area while they were sleeping. They were all dead. She found herself wanting to slit their throats when Luna remembered Mark. He would advice against the voices, they are only there to drag her down. She exited the castle to see more ponies, but they were all of the earth variety. It must have been more than a year she was there.

They were organized, and spoke in the same tongue as her. Luna was pleased. She made herself queen with in little time but then decided to disappear. She realized why the Juggernauts had a law to keep balance between worlds not on them. She was tearing the country apart. Brother versus brother, all because they didn't like an outsider ruling over them. She was a god to some and they worshiped her as one. Others thought she was a demon if not the devil. She stood back and watched as they destroyed themselves. Another century was gone and the world had yet another species. Humans, just like Mark was, and Marceau used to be. They didn't bother with her that much. She was only a figure in the sky, a god that helped them when needed. They advanced quickly and skillfully. She realized she had given them technology past their age, and soon their had weapons that could destroy the world yet they were still atrocious in how they fought. So long as one of their men survived, it was a victory. She shall weapons of grand fire rain down from the heavens as another alicorn joined by her side.

It was a stallion, long flowing white aged mane and tail. Deep ever judging azure eyes, a fine silk like black fur coat and cutie mark of an arch way. "Who are you?"

"I am your teacher Luna, I have become what I was born as."

"What? Mark? What is going on? You come here like this, and you expect me to believe this is how you always were? They are destroying themselves you know?

"Yes, you know it was true, you feel nothing for other species, other than chaos whom you regarded as a father yet you had feelings for me. I could tell by the way you told me good bye."

"Fine, I guess I could have to accept worse, they were great though, and I understand. "

"Balance is chaos, chaos is insanity and insanity is harmony. Without a balance between good and evil, chaos would not exist, because what point would you have fighting a brother? Insanity can't exist without chaos because of the horrors of war, and a broken mind. The one that I had to experience. Harmony has to be built on insanity so that you can see it clearly and without bias. I see through your eyes, will you see through mine?"

"You know I do, and to think my last memory of you was guarding you. Unlike other ponies, you won't have to worry about me dying. Now, why don't we go freak out your sister and Marceau. Chaos already knows, he gave me the yes to come back to my old form." With that they kissed as the system faded to nothingness and they left for her home. She was rebuilt to be able to show her anger when needed against a foe that needed a Juggernauts power to stop, but have a kindness unknown to the world.

"Mark, what about the figure I saw with the orange face?"

"He was from another time, a time when I didn't help you, you would destroy his world as well."

"Mark, what will sister say about your... appearance."

"Hmm, I have just the thing." Four small bracelets appeared, and each of his hooves gained one of them. They were flickering and silver. As soon as they were on he became as he looked before. "Did it work."

"Mark, it did but what if it fails to fool Discord, won't he see through it?"

"I told you, he gave me permission to go back to my old form. I should have gone to Memory or Keystone, but that would have
taken too long. When they come to meet me, go to your room, you don't need to see what punishment is for us."

"What do you mean, 'what punishment is for us?' Am I not one of you now? I should at very least know what happens when I break what promises I have made."

"No, you are not. You have only come to accept the teaching of all of the lessons up to five, there are five more. You are part of a new civilization, the Reborn Empire. It is a conglomerate of all of those who couldn't, or chose not to finish the tests. Though, the numbers are beginning to take hold now that the children of Juggernauts are being included as well. You are part of a multi-million populace now, with no true home as of yet, but closer than anyone can image two strangers to be." With that, they materialized at the gates of Canterlot, and they saw Shining Armor on patrol for a sick member of the guard.

Shining Armor saluted Luna and gave Mark an inspecting look before returning to his patrol. "I don't think he like me."

"Ever since the changeling attack, he doesn't like any new creature that can think."

"Fair enough, probably can tell that I am not in my normal form as well."

"Most likely."

They went to the main Castle, side by side as what sounded like a jet went by over head. Mark tapped his ear with his hand and yelled, "Marceau, ground yourself near the throne, and get Chaos, I have some news to share. A sort of prank on somepony."

A moment of static lapsed as they waited a response, "Great another job, is this another secret test of yours? All well, I will get him."

"How surprised will he be?"

"Not very, he saw me blow a star out like a birthday candle once, he will just be wondering why for a moment. Now Tia, she will be fun. Oh, before we continue, I forgot to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"You know how I always spoke so highly of Starswirl, and never wanted him to be forgotten? That is because I am him, Tia's met me before I changed as a filly, that is what is going to make this the most interesting. Seeing if she remembers, won't it Luna"

"What? Why didn't you tell me sooner, we could have so much fun, image seeing my gift of night perpetually by traveling through all the lands with your knowledge of time! Angel, this could be so much fun!"

Mark stopped dead in his tracked and stared blankly into space, "You just called me 'Angel.' You refuse to call anyone Angel... no one. Not me, not Tia, not even your parents. Nopony, nobody."

Luna went wide eyed and stopped as well and began to blush, "Well... you see... I actually mea..."

Mark snapped out of his trance and stopped her, "Just wait until I get out of this guise, it will be even better."

Luna was so struck back by what they had both said, even though it was little, she couldn't concentrate on walking and had to be helped to the room. "I am sorry Mark, I should at least be able to walk."

"I said too much, it is equally my fault, although I think you can now, we are past the stair well."

"Um, yes. It seems as though Discord has taken the throne to himself."


"Oh, but what fun is it to have the same ruler all the time? Let's mix it... great, I thought your were joking about that."
Marceau was beside the through with his suit deployed, "Mark, why are you an alicorn?"

"Wait, your suit can see through? Where did you get that?"

"Met Memory, he decided that I needed a more supportive suit. He gave me a... Prototype Space Defense suit Mk V. Still haven't found all of the little bits."

Mark began to disintegrate into his new form. "Well, that takes the fun from you two, but let's see if we can get Tia."

Both Marceau and Chaos spoke at the same time, "What in Equestia are you going to do to the Princess?"

"Surprise her and see if she remembers me like this. Luna will meet with her first and act as though I had gone about my duties else were and you two act as though you are a safety net in case she has a relapse."

"What, Angel, how am I supposed to lie about you now?' Luna almost cried out.

"Wait, are you two... no. You couldn't be, that would be like a sperm cell robbing oil and oil having fun with a sperm cell. You two couldn't be thinking about it." Marceau spoke out with disdain towards their togetherness.

"Marceau, if you don't shut you mouth from now on about this, I will pin it shut with an electrified harpoon or two. Chaos, go get Tia, if you can." With that he began to fade into the air until he could no longer be seen.

"Oh, fine and why didn't you use that, now I can't see you at all, although you probably can't talk now either." Marceau spoke out.

"Great, he didn't even encourage me. Well I guess I can try." Luna spoke out in a slight dismay as Chaos left. "How did you even become a Pegasus Marceau? Or for that matter on of them." Luna spoke and gestured towards Chaos.

"Funny fact, it was supposed to be a two month 'vacation.' I wanted to know why we had this place in the records and why it had a base. Because I could get along with most everypony here, they asked me to become a Juggernaut and started teaching me. The tests were the worst part, for me it was the tenth that was the worst. I can't stand being betrayed, but I got over it... I guess."

"Oh, being betrayed is such a terrible thing. You can be attacked by one you love and sent to a place where you can't die!" Luna started to mock him with.

"I wouldn't say that, Mark had a worse experience with betrayal because he had it before they even had that test. He wasn't ready at all and had to cope with it and couldn't come back at all. Plus, you went through heck up the..." Celestia began to enter the room as he was finishing. "Princess, it is a pleasure to meet you again."

"It is always good to hear from you Marceau. Luna... I am sorry for what I did, I should have come up with a better solution, or brought you back. I'm sorry."

"Sister, tis fine. All is well once more and I am here again. I owe you for sparing my life, please forgive me." Luna said as she bowed.

"Oh, and someone wants to meet you Tia." Chaos said from behind her.

"Where is this pony then? If they wish to meet me, why are they not here?" Celestia spoke as she turned to face Chaos.
Mark came into vision behind Celestia, "Tia, I have something to ask you."

"Mark what is... Starswirl? I thought you died with mother and father?"

"Nope, just become your protector, and they aren't dead, they are just among the stars."

"Wait, you just drop it, you don't even lead up to it? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! We actually hold straight for your little prank and you BLOW IT!" Luna screams at Mark as she slams him into the ceiling with a floor tile.

"Sister, how is it you do that with no magic?" Celestia spoke out in curiosity at the wonder she was witnessing.

"Dang-it, he taught me more than he thought he had to, and so I am part of... what was its name, Angel?"

Mark fell to the ground with a thud. "The Reborn Empire, and that was the actual surprise, I knew you would hide your powers because you didn't want to seem threatening, Luna."

"Wait, 'Angel' are you two..."

"Yup." Marceau spoke from beside the throne still.

"Okay, this is too much. Chaos, you did it before, you can do it now. The sun is your problem for a while, I need to think." Celestia then stormed off down the hall mumbling about the random knowledge she now had.

"Okay, that was priceless, I love confusing her." Mark spoke from the broken tile floor."

"Well, Angel, I guess we can go visit the world while she thinks, right?"

"Yeah, we can Luna, we can. Marceau, guard the portal. It is your job and Star Shooters job now. I will be organizing The Reborn Empire. Chaos, I don't care that you outrank me, you take your orders from me now. Just make sure that Celestia happy for a while, she will be in depression while she gets over the fact that the past has been dealt with."

"Yes, sir" They both responded to the Alicorns flying off away from the mountain.


This was an attempt at multiple things.  Incorporating another fiction into my own (the moon diaries), a plot twist, and a love interest.  None of this is staying except the fact that Mark was from the MLP world, and their parents are alive.


"Honey, get the kids out now." Marceau told Star Shooter as a cold shadow enveloped the room.

"But dad, we haven't finished coloring you for flying!" Sun Beam yelled as she floated towards the ground with a hoof covered in blue paint.

"Yeah, come on, it isn't that cold." Vinyl Scratch said as she let a paint brush fall to the ground covered in white paint.

"I know, and we will finish but you all need to go NOW!" he yelled.

"Sweetie, I understand. Come one kids, we need to go." Star Shooter said.

Both of the two girls yelled in unison, "But we want to finish it NOW!"

"Get your butts out of here now!" Marceau yelled as his suit began to form around him. The cold darkness began to cause the room to grow dark as it began to cover the lights. The two fillies both shrieked and ran for the door as their mother ran after them.  

The room began to be filled with stale stagnant air as it became black when the light was fully covered. "You know where he is, you will tell me or this world will be consumed as many more before."

"Mark left for the war, now show yourself or are you too afraid of me?"

"Afraid... Afraid of you?" The cold omnipotent voice spoke from all around him as his PECS began to use its sensor array to give a full holographic image of the darkened room for him. "You were given weak armor just as the warriors before you. You cannot even see that I am right in front of you, fool. Now, before I have to drag the answers from you, where is the Keystone?"

"Keystone died with the other fragments, or do you not remember the rising sun?"

"Oh, is that so? Then why is it that the sages protect the little information that is on him, hmm? Why is it that only the void runner may show the chasm to anyone? Is it fear, is it trust? Surely they must have told you?" With that, what felt like a claw bashed into Marceau side and he flew into the wall across the room. "I will not like to have to ask again, where is he?" With this, he had a small holographic image of a deformed human. It had tentacles coming from its left arm, it seemed to have blades at the end of this arm and it did not seem to speak from its mouth. It had to talk elsewhere because it was missing its bottom jaw.

"How would I know where the keystone is?" As he said this his suit deployed the flame thrower from his back and was about to light the entire room on fire but was swiftly torn off by a swing. With that he noticed that the figure was female. "Who are you?"

"You know because he has been going through his past and had to come here, and that has no importance but I was once a part of him. Now that little trick will cost you, what to do though. I could break a wing, but then what fun would it be to through you out side, but breaking your legs would make that even less fun. I know!" The figure seemed to squeal as she ran towards him. He tried to back away but was too slow and was grabbed by his helmet and thrown through a wall into the assembly area. He felt that he was cut along his stomach but didn't care and had the nano-assemblers begin to create small canisters of pure oxygen and hydrogen.

Marceau screamed in pain as he tried to rise to his hooves but still was able to yell, "You call that punishment, I figured the last true shadow would be able to fill me with pain before they would ask such an idiotic question!" His thoughts then turned towards his family, did they escape the factory housing yet or were they stumbling in the dark?

"Do you believe your petty tricks will work? If it is only your family that you want to save then they will have to suffer for you to truly understand." The figure said as coldly as one of the Mountain's winters. Marceau then jumped back to see that nearly fifteen canisters were finished and she was entering the room and the assemblers froze in place. He began to feel chilled through his suit and saw that it was beginning to malfunction. He then deployed his jump-jets and barreled past the figure as the canisters exploded.

"There, now to get back to..."

He was interrupted by a figure stopping right in front of him, "It will take more than that to harm me." It said without a breath of cold air. It then picked him up with its tentacle filled arm and threw him through the entire factory upper floors. He felt that his body was being torn apart by pieces of the factory and then was greeting by gushes of wind. He felt that he passed the sound barrier as a ball of shadows struck him, but was able to see that his family was running from the factory already.

He could not move his body at all without breaking limbs against the pressure of the wind. His suit quickly locked up to avoid injury when it hit the ground. What felt like hours went by as he saw hills go by and he then struck the ground and the suit fell out of armor lock. His helmet had cracked and he was still bouncing from hill to hill as he saw Canterlot come into view behind him.

He finally came to a stop while Luna and Celestia are switching places with the moon rising for the night. A bright light appears before Marceau as he sees that Mark has appeared with a strange skinny man beside him. He pushes himself up and is in agony as his face begins to bleed from his nostrils, mouth and eyes. He can barely see past the red in his vision but his HUD says that his suit is shutting down. He doesn't have time to read it all but he could see that it was failing in multiple areas before it went away and his helmet cleared up. "I have to go get my family!" He yelled at Mark as he spread his wings to fly.

He then felt a sharp pain as blood gushed from the base of his right wing and he fell to the ground screaming in agony. In a calm, secluded voice the skinny man said, "I will go get them, she should only be my problem anyway." With that he seemed to have vanished and his family appeared before him. Star Shooter immediate shot lightning from her horn as if in self defense as both Vinyl Scratch and Sun Beam were cowering and crying behind her.

"MARCEAU!" she yelled and rushed toward the wounded stallion on the ground.

"DADDY, WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT WAS THAT SCARY THING? DON'T LEAVE US AGAIN!" both of the fillies yelled as they rushed crying towards their dad.

Mark then turned his attention towards the small family reunion and spoke up, "Star, a medical squad is coming, we are sorry you were involved in this and we should have stopped it sooner. I have to go, can you explain to them what happened?" With that a light pierced the sky from where the War Factory was and when they were able to see again, Mark was gone and a small medical crew was putting Marceau on a stretcher.

"Come with me miss, we need a debriefing and he just went out." One of the crew said from behind a helmet.


First attempt at a true fight scene.  I would say it went relatively well for being well over a month  old.  Side note, Vinyl isn't the normal Vinyl but actually the breaking of the forth wall.
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